Tunisian traditional costume

Tunisian traditional costume

You can not for the visitor to Tunisia green , and admirer of the civilization of this country that does not draw the attention of traditional Tunisian outfit which has seen over the centuries a set of updates , changes and has been compounded by beautiful , and at the same time made ​​him is of privacy .

Thus influenced fashion Tunisian civilizations that came out , Kelhoudarh Phoenician , and Romania , which is still the effects are clear in most areas of Tunisia , but the outfit to take much of the heritage of the tribes , and additions of quality brought by the Arab conquerors and invaders Europeans , in the governorate of Mahdia spreading different types of women's fashion traditional ,

Each extends its roots back to the Phoenician periods and Romania , and others in nature and characteristics of Islamic , all of which are fashion cover a woman's body completely , leaving only her wrists . The role of trendy fashion today quoting those models with developed or combination of different types of them to find models , and special styles of fashion , but they always depend on the method of embroidery and knitting traditional , choose a quality cloth is good, and there are girls attendants learn arts industry , and spend days in the production of one dress .

The traditional costume of Tunisia in the past , and even in the present, some cities in Tunisia consists of a lid or Isar large Leicester body from head to toe and inside two pieces , may consist of trousers , shirt , or be in the form of long dress , decorated in various forms , and add to Oqmsth filaments of silver , which gives it a tinge of unique beauty , and remains white color is the basis of the traditional Tunisian outfit , along with other colors without black.

The affected women's fashion in the area including add uniqueness Italians , Turks, Maltese and Spanish and Jews to the Arab-Islamic heritage sector . Boa where this diversity Sfax an important day , as the owners of one of the purposes of European fashion houses and top designers , to simulate the traditional costumes and reformatted into molds and light contemporary western consumer liking . And often designed by Western new models is a sum of the types of costumes used in Sfax , manufactured and supported the skilled craft inherited generation after the other .

The currently accepted Europeans inspired by traditional Tunisian outfit out Ptsmamim distinct .
Below we show you the traditional forms of Tunisia's outfit

Tunisian outfit which is used in traditional wedding dress is a component of the long white cloth, and it last ornate cloth, and golden brown

Tunisian traditional costume changes made ​​after the introduction of more practical, and appropriate for Nightlife

Tunisian traditional dress embroidered colored nature, golden color worn by the bride's wedding night

Costume inspired by the traditional heritage Granadan

Dress the bride is present in Tunisia, which is similar to other Maghreb uniforms

We conclude this outfit that blends heritage of Tunisia, and oriental