Traditional dress in Lebanon

Traditional dress in Lebanon, a reflection of the

Exquisite Lebanese culture is the product of the diversity of its population belonging to different ethnic and religious groups who have lived here for thousands of years.Lebanon is considered the jewel of the Middle East and has been dominated by the great human civilizations precious planet like the Roman, Persian, Greek, Arabic, Ottoman and more recently France.Currently, the people of Lebanon are very modern and perhaps Lebanon is the most fashionable in the Arab world.The traditional cultural clothing in everyday life is very hard to find today in modern Lebanon.

The Lebanese dancers wearing traditional costumes (Imahe: genotypewriter)
In urban areas, people are usually seen in western outfits in the latest fashion, however, in the field, women sometimes wear traditional colorful skirts and men wear a traditional serwal or sherwal (panties).
         The traditional dress of a Lebanese man and woman
The sherwal is the existing traditional costume and survival of Lebanon is the most common and practical garment between the villagers and the people of the mountain. The people of Lebanon also use labbade, an old cap that could be worn as long ago as the Phoenician period. Women Lebanon, traditionally used to wear caps like wool scarf, silk veils or silver conical Tantour. Scarf and veil can be seen today, but Tantour has become obsolete.
A Lebanese country man in his traditional costume ( Image: Luca Gargano )
D'autres équipes sont libanais Kurban traditionnelle, Abaya, Abba, et gambaz Jubbe. Le Kubran était un ancien robe libanaise et a perdu la vie aujourd'hui. D'autre part, le manteau Abaya a maintenu son importance d'être utilitaire. L'abaya est une enveloppe rectangulaire porté par les hommes, ou peut-être le vêtement extérieur de certaines femmes musulman.

A wonderful Lebansese dancer group in traditional outfits ( Image: Heather Kashmera )
Druze of Lebanon used to wear a short sleeved shirt and long coat knee that was specially used by men. Similarly Jubbe was most common among the Bedouin community of Lebanon, a jacket collar hip length and unattached.

The Lebanese men wearing traditional outfits ( Image: )
Gambaz is an ornamental dress preparation with expensive materials such as velvet, brocade and silk gloss. The gambaz often neckline neckline that is accepted by married women because the breast is considered as the symbol of motherhood. Kab Kab is the traditional footwear of Lebanon; simple shoes that is commonly used today.

The Lebanese belly dancers in their traditional costumes ( Image: megtelu )
Due to the multiple cultural domination, the people of Lebanon suffer from specific national identification. Apart from this, the traditional values ​​and culture of this country are amazing which can be seen at festivals, ceremonies and folk performances. The traditional costume of Lebanon is mainly used by people belonging to the arts and today is all suit singers and folk dancers.
Lebanese women dancing in a ceremony ( Image: agbu )
Despite the demise of the traditional dress normally Lebanese cities, but there is still attached to it in Lebanon, in Fenrah Clothing lemon growers fields in Arab headdress, which did not give him the elderly, as it is not without the tourist areas and dances Dabke.