Traditional Egyptian clothes

                                                                                                                       (Traditional Egyptian clothes (Pharaonic: rural :Bedouin

Egypt passed since ancient times on many different periods that influenced in various spheres of life, in addition to the diversity and the different environments and Egyptian cultures that produced us all this wonderful mix of different creations including the field of fashion.                                          Among the most prominent heritage characterized authentic Egyptian robes, Egyptian robes remained does not belong to the original one, nor to one culture, it is a diverse designs adapted from the fragrant various heritage n the land of Egypt between Nubian, and rural and Bedouin.
In the early twentieth century there were nine areas in Egypt wear where women traditional costumes, and characterized this fashion beauty Clearly, modesty and comfort and compatibility with climate, as was the development of very slow, but this did not pay anyone who accepts them to follow the pattern of consumer is changing the designs and colors and embroideries, Shadow legacy uniforms generations, generation after generation. "and was at public events such as weddings and it was not possible to distinguish between the gentlemen of the elite and those who work with

 Pharaonic fashion

There is no doubt that the ancient Egyptian civilization inspiring in many fields, including the field of fashion design. Pharaonic clothes are characterized by wonderful natural colors and exotic accessories and this is what we found decree inscribed on the walls of temples.

Tweaking Almlaah and burqa


They were worn by women in the past and was the uniform of the Egyptians that came the 1919 revolution and later deposed women winding Almlaah and burqa

Robes rural

Egyptian countryside simple wonderful largely did not give up wearing her clothes known as Algelabih agricultural and bandanna
And characterized by agricultural jalabiyas a bright color and the chapeau  and ornate, making 
                       clothes make you feel joy when you see it

            Bedouin fashion

Sinai, Siwa Oasis distinctive and individual in Egypt your uniforms and many jewels and headgear that do not like the beauty who characterized their uniforms riches embroidering a different beautiful colors. Also characterized with belts and subtraction busy and full face masks in silver or gold currencies and anklets.

 Nubian fashion

Nubia is an integral part of Egypt in the far south of Egypt, theirs place rich in tradition at all, and their clothes which is characterized by a black tail and be transparent under the colored robes of different bright colors

Egyptian fashion between tradition and modernity

Egypt in ancient creativity does not stop at a certain point in any area of ​​life, and I've tried a lot of fashion designers try combining ancient and modern, and their access to global.
Here, I'll show you a group of modern fashion his restaurant in the spirit of Pharaonic heritage and agricultural and Bedouin and Nubian