Traditional Dress of Iceland

Traditional dress of Iceland today is somehow preserved in the form of national dress of Iceland, which faithfully reflects the heritage of pure Iceland. The days are not gone too far, when the Icelandic people used to wear dresses in the same pattern that is used today in the days of public women wear traditional costumes of various types.importance and festive occasions. The national costume is called Þjóðbúningurinn Iceland and

Þjóðbúningurinn – The national costume of Iceland – An image by Helgi Halldórsson
The Faldbúningur is a traditional garment worn by women Icelandic town is a classic suit in use since at least the 17th century. Faldbúningur includes decorated with an ornament shaped curve of the blade sticking in the air and exists in two variants hat. One is the krókfaldur and the other is spaðafaldur. The Peysuföt are black woolen clothes commonly worn by women in the 18th and 19th century. Usually consisted of a twill skirt and a jacket of fine wool with a point cap envy black tail.
                                          Faldbúningur – The traditional dress of    Iceland                 

Costume upphlutur or bodice includes a long black skirt and a sleeveless bodice adorned with si                                                    
filigree and mixed with a silver chain. Another version is the traditional kyrtill (kyrtle), usually white or blue. Use with high cap. The skautbúningur is a richly embroidered dress worn for special occasions, like a wedding dress. It consists of a black jacket with long sleeves and tight long skirt with 
embroidery on the chest, cuffs and hem of the skirt.
The traditional Upphlutur from Iceland – An image by Awfulknitter on flickr
Wear traditional men in Iceland is known as Búningur Karla and all versions, the most popular is Þjóðbúningur karla consisting generally composed of wool trousers or pants, double buttoned jacket generally buttoned jacket and called dual treyja. Although it is not a traditional dress, hátíðarbúningur was designed as a modernized version of the traditional national dress of men and is often used in place of a tuxedo for formal events.
Hátíðarbúningur karla – Typical Iceland Male Dress