Traditional dress Algiers

traditional dress your Algiers : Metropolitan Akarako

The Akarako of traditional clothing that women seeking Metropolitan to keep them and their integration within the wedding fashion and assume great importance in order to reflect its authenticity , and is Akarako of clothing that distinguishes
Aasmyat ( residents of Algiers ), which has remained its position have distinct metropolitan bride and distinguishes it from the rest of the U.S. Internal homeland for every area of ​​your habits .
Akarako consists of two pieces separate piece represents '' sweater '' T be painted and embroidered with threads private and the second piece is in Shorts and this complete costume Akarako , and are made of special cloth claims Plush is a fabric of distinctive quality gives the strength of the sweater shows him embroidery in a manner distinct The gorgeous and this is Akarako original , and embroidery are several ways the whole hand , it may be embroidery , or crank , or hair .
The lower part is made ​​of Pants Alhalgh which have a narrow waist level and be a slot Alhalgh until just above the knee or be sweater accompanied Balsrwal trochanter , which is made from silk cloth so that does not contain Shorts on embroidery , but that today there are brides prefer Skirt long be made of silk cloth , and habits Aasmyin head covered handkerchief embroidered known as taboo Alvetol It is a muffler silky ends with threads hanging ( Alvetol ) Mazforh be of the same color and embroidered sweater and wear     jewelry that are aligned and him Kkit substance and thread the soul and Alskhab ...

We start outfit Altelmusanah

We start the meal Alfrghani
                                                               "Amazigh eastern Algeria"                                                                 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            These other fashion for the bride Algerian