Traditional costume Yemen

I knew Yemeni city of Aden since the early period of its history, a kind of traditional dress, light white made ​​from cotton , the impact of climatic factor which tends to heat , known as the " Kabana ," The men were residents of Aden peoples of the region, " Sabiha and scorpions " are the ones who knew to wear this kind of dress while women wore the dress Palmvel named Nomad , which was prevalent area of the Arabian Peninsula , and was made ​​from cotton ,

It is also the core of silk . Knew Edenic women in the context of social evolution other types of dress, especially that made ​​from cloth cut and dyed black , which is similar in various stages of dress with the man as well as other types of dress.
With the great development of the city associated with the type of social welfare due to the growing role of the port of Aden saw a taste of international community

Civil important development , and a variety of fabrics worn by men and women , especially women known as a kind of cloth made ​​from pulp , silk, chiffon and velours and " Alchukn " embroidered with silk , and often

What were these fabrics are made transparent so come prosperous aesthetic advantages such as embroidery with gold thread .

The women were wearing these fabrics in the form of " shield " Edenic yet known , or separated as a " card " which is a version of the dress , " Max " from the West .
The women were send armor made ​​of pure silk to India to  and add some inscriptions that give them a

 tinge of beauty and glow .