Traditional Dress of Nepal

Traditional Dress of Nepal: Whimsical but charming

People of Nepal use different types of costumes that are ethnically religious influences and therefore have an impact on their traditional dress seems a bit odd, but still very charming. Daura Suruwal is considered the national costume of Nepal, consisting of a shirt with sleeves knee closed loops on the sides, pants and shoes called Docha. This dress is typically worn by men in Nepal and can also survive a jacket or coat over heat. Various aspects of Daura Suruwal have implications for Buddhist religious practice and Hindus in Nepal.

Daura Suruwal is considered as the
 National Dress of Nepal – Image by marcwiz2012
pal has many ethnic communities and groups and one of them is known as Tamangs living in the hill stations of Nepal. Women love to wear jewelry lungi Tamang Tamang Tamang Tamang Patuka, cholo Tamang Tamang Tamang ghalek and bad.
Traditional dress of Tamangs, Nepal by Ashish Lohorung 
Gurung people, also called Tamu, are another ethnic group from different parts of Nepal, which are in fact women mountain country valleys.The indigenous Gurung proudly wear their traditional dress, not only in day to day routines, but also displayed on the occasions of national importance and other important events of daily life.